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My daughter did a lot of research and had written quite a few papers about Turkey and influenced my entire family to become excited about visiting this country.I contacted several travel/tour companies and was able to develop our own detailed itinerary of exactly what we wanted to do on this trip.

I sent out the same itinerary to fifteen tour agencies and received responses from about ten of them. One of which was Grand TTG/Bosporus cruises. I was amazed to see the great differences among the prices. Grand TTG was the most competitive, in one instance, four times less than the highest price quote and one and a half times less than price quoted as the next best price.

For the sake of my family and me I wanted to be sure that I choose the right tour company for this long awaited trip. My research showed that Grand TTG had, at one time, lost its license. I was doubtful about the credibility of this company. I was very skeptical about their comparative low quote.

Needless to say I was worried about losing my hard earned money to any one in a foreign country and combined that with the fact with that I am a very difficult customer would make it ideal for anyone to become very frustrated while dealing with me. Mr. Ender Boz was very patient and always very prompt in providing reasonable answers to all the questions I was rushed to him. When he was not there Ms.

Ozlem was always very plesant and helpful and always pleaded with me for her to help when Mr. Ender was not available. I took into account the big price difference and Mr. X's prompt responses and decided to take my chances with this company.

I booked my tour with Grand TTG, left JFK New York on 4th August and on arrival at the Turkish airport someone was promptly there to receive us and without waiting had us transported to a great hotel.

Mr. Boz visited us that same day at the hotel and made us feel at home and assured me that I should contact him promptly if ever there was a need to. The next day tour guide Hakkan was very prompt at the hotel to start our tour. He was knowledgeable, pleasant, very experienced and made us all feel as one big family.

I couldn't expect a better tour guide. From then on for the rest of the nine days tour was one pleasant, exciting experience after the other. My family and I were totally satisfied with all the promises that Mr. Boz gave us and we had an exciting very active trip.

I felt like the best dad to my children in the choice I made to go with Grand TTG and the savings we experienced.

I would wish that anyone wanting to go on a trip to Turkey should contact Mr. Boz or Ms. Ozlem as the first choice. I will also recommend that you should not second guess their price as you may end up wasting time if you try to shop their quote.

They are a great resource, they know their job and if your experience is like ours you will have a rich, gratifying and knowledgeable trip. I greatly recommend Mr. Boz and Ms.

Ozlem.Their phone number from the US is 01902125170013.

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